Rogue Theatre and Pewter City on Popular Auction now on!

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  1. Oops..sorry mod, please kindly move this to the Shopping section..waking up in early Saturday morning is no good for me :shame:
  2. Another two, 04 Seafoam and Anis, 05 Calcaire First

    So pretty :love:
  3. wow I really like the pewter city.
  4. wow both bags are awesome.
  5. *Wish that I have monies..:crybaby:
    They both are so pretty and 05 bags!

    And the Firsts are also so pretty..when they line up on eBay listing, full colour on!
  6. I really like that Rogue Theatre, but I cannot read Germany. :confused1:
  7. They have a short desc in English down the page :yes:
  8. do you guys think from those pics, the RT city leather is thick & chewy or thin & veiny? I don't really like distress leather, but i love the color of this bag.
  9. looks thin and veiny to me, sorry. gorgeous color tho and you could still break it in!
  10. Who got the Pewter City? The price on that was very good.