Rogue Pod alert

  1. Probably not meant to mention this here.

    However, if you already understand what I mean, go and look. You may like what you see!
  2. Thank you for mentioning it! I just bought another one!! :heart: Rogue is such an artist.
  3. I think there's no problem mentioning it's been mentioned and linked many times without any issues:

    Real Deal Collection Rogue Pods

    BTW, someone please PM me when the multi-chintz or another multi-colored style is available...I missed out on those!
  4. Ok, duh...I guess I didn't know what you were talking about. ;)
  5. Thank you!
  6. Actually, since these are not Balenciaga items, this discussion belongs in handbags and purses :yes:

  7. Wow, just found this thread... I'm so glad there's still love for the little critters! :shame:
    Fiatflux - I'll hold on to a multicoloured chintz for you! :yes:
    Jenova, Amiekbs, Wiggligirl - THANK YOU!! :heart: And watch out for the postman...
  8. does anyone know if you can still get the multicoloured chintz?
  9. Could someone give me a little more background info on these little guys? They're adorable but I've never heard of them. What are they used for?
  10. They are like little coin purses to hang on the outside of your handbag. Balenciaga made them in the past, and now a nice lady, Friponne, makes similar ones, the Rogue Pods. They are adorable, and come in many colors and patterns. I think the 'heads up' was for a bunch that were on eBay, but now there is only 1 available. They are really cute! RealDealCollections has some on her website as well. :yes::yes:
    Here is the one that is available, but look at the completed auctions to see the fab colors!
  11. I thought her name was Aniko? Anyways, I just bought a gorgeous teal on and I love it! She's SO talented! I get tons of compliments :smile:
  12. You are probably correct! I was referring to her tPF ID. :yes: