Rogue now a cross body?!

  1. hi!

    I've been away from Coach for a while, but am interested in the Rogue and need to know if this bag can truly be worn cross body. I love bags that can be both satchels and crossbodies, and always thought Rogue was just a Satchel and shoulder bag, but the potential for cross body wear would be a huge game changer for me.

    Also, if it IS a cross body, do you find it comfortable?

  2. Sorry love. It's a satchel and shoulder bag. They have a new Rogue tote out that is also a satchel. (Looks like there spin on a never full bc it even comes with a lil pouch) I think the bag is stunning but I agree if it was a cross body... would be a total game changer.
  3. It becomes a crossbody by attaching both of the shoulder straps together. I tried it once on my regular size Rogue, it was comfortable but I prefer holding it by the handles.
  4. Ahah! I thought there must be some way to wear it cross body- my Facebook feed is full of Rogue advertisements, showing "crossbody" as an option for wear though I couldn't figure out how (no mention on the coach website of a longer Strap, though they consistently show the model wearing it crossbody- without any mention of how).

    Thanks so much! I'm surprised this was comfortable, assuming the two straps have to be clasped together near your shoulder with metal clasps. Or am I misunderstanding how the straps come together?

    This definitely makes Rogue more tempting for me. Does anyone else want to chime in about the crossbody option and your experiences?

    I'm usually more of a hand held/ elbow carry girl, but definitely need a crossbody when I'm
    Out with my little guy or my arms are full.

  5. Yes, the straps attach by clipping the metal connectors together. This can get uncomfortable if you've loaded up your bag. Probably ok with a size 25, but it wasn't great when I packed up a regular size with all my stuff.

    The other catch is that the length is not adjustable, so make sure the bag sits where you want it to.
  6. I've worn crossbody more than any other way. I have a whole wardrobe of straps from many many bags- have removed the shoulder straps to wear w/ some of my other (mostly adjustable) cross body straps.

    I've used with the two shoulder straps clipped together- and it works for a short time or when wearing a heavy coat, but the clip inevitably sits on and cuts into shoulder where clipped together. Other straps are a much better option- and with all the straps out there lately, there are many options!
  7. Part of the reason I love the rogue is because you can switch it to a crossbody (by hooking the handles together to make a long strap as others have said). I have the larger one and it is comfortable except if your bag is on the fuller side. The hook can dig into your shoulder and be a little uncomfortable, but this has only happened to me when I unexpectedly have to overload my bag.
  8. I agree. I wear it crossbody by clipping the straps together and it's always been fine. As long as you don't overload it! I love the way I can wear it handheld, on my shoulder with both straps or crossbody to and from the train to work. So versatile!!
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  9. While anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Rogue, I've been watching a ton of reviews online and this gentleman actually crafted something to stop the buckles from hurting his shoulder when he wears his Rogue as a crossbody! He made it out of a belt and you can see it at the 6:35 mark in the video:
    Coach Rogue Review.png