Rogue moggie stealing, um, undies

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  1. This made me laugh...he looks so innocent.,23739,24963267-5013016,00.html


    HE stalks the night preying on undies left unsuspectingly on clotheslines and in laundry baskets. But after months of curiosity - and disappearing clothes from across a suburb - a mystery cat burglar has been revealed as, well, a cat. / The Daily Telegraph

    By Justin Vallejo
    January 25, 2009 11:00pm

    HE stalks the night preying on undies left unsuspectingly on clothes lines and in laundry baskets.

    Lithe and agile, he leaps fences to get his wily paws on socks, swimmers, shirts, dresses - even dolls.

    But it is no pervert at the centre of Mosman's missing panties mystery.

    After months of curiosity, and disappearing clothes from across the suburb, the cat burglar has been revealed as, well, a cat.

    His name is Cisco, a six-year-old tonkinese cat owned by Dalton Rd resident Peter Hand.

    "It just started a few months ago, Cisco kept bringing in all manner of items," Mr Hand said yesterday.

    "People were wondering where their things were getting to."

    Besides undies, there have been cleaning mits, garden gloves, a pin cushion and children's toys.

    The blue-eyed cat drags the booty down a side path, through the cat door and up to Mr Hand's bedroom.

    But now the secret is out.

    "I've been trying to find the owners. One lady asked if I had her swimmers, one was electric blue and one was black," Mr Hand, a real estate buyers agent, said. "She was delighted to get them back."

    Cat psychic Scott King said: "The cat is an animal that teaches us to get in touch with our creative self.

    "The fact that Mr Hand's cat is stealing possessions, particularly underwear, is a sign that it's time for him to start listening to his dreams."
  2. haha what a cutie!
  3. haha very cute! Though i doubt I'd be saying the same thing if the cat stole one of my undies...