rogue city @Neimans

  1. I was in NM Orlando last night and had a fun time with the nicest SA ever (Barbara). They had a rogue city bag that had just been returned. I carried it around for awhile and it is so fab, perfect leather and everything. there are only two in all the NMs in the US.
    She put it on hold for me but I am really struggling with monetary issues and can't drop $1200 on a bag right if anyone wants got it as of tommorow.

    ps- nice to be back, I've been super busy and stressed lately! :weird:
    there seems to have been a lot of drama since the last time I was here.
  2. do you know if they ship overseas to australia? or do you have their phone number? :smile:
  3. Good question...I know they ship, but to Australia? Best bet is to go online and chat with the online helper and ask.
  4. Aaaaaaaaa the 2005 rouge in city???? OMG OMG OMG somebody snatch it up quickkkkkk before I die
  5. Hi bethany! Glad to see you back :nuts:

    I didn't know that NM in Orlando sold Balenciaga. I am going to Millennia on Friday, I'll have to stop by. Let's hope I don't walk out with anything, I just got my tax return! :shame: It will probably be sold by then, but at least I can see what else they might be getting in.

    Hope someone here gets it! The number is 407-264-5900 :nuts:
  6. Is this the rouge red from 2005 or the rouge orange color from this current season?
  7. its the 2005 bag. the SA called today and said she had someone wanting her to ship it to them if I didn't want it, and was that ok?
    I told her yeah, I can't really afford it with a 20-something percent interest rate on the NM card.
    so it appears to be gone gone gone.
  8. I snapped it up! Thanks so much for posting about it. I'm not sure I will love the rouge but as Barbara described it, it sounds like a very deep, rich red, not too flashy. I have been searching for the bordeaux, but have had no luck, so I'm hoping I fall in love with this rouge bag.

    Again, thanks for the tip!
  9. Congrats! :nuts:
  10. sooo jealous!!!! waaa!!!
  11. pssss...if you don't fall in love with it...let me know...
  12. sweet! I'm super glad. it is a GORGEOUS bag, no joke. post pics so I can say hi to it again :amuse:
  13. That rouge city is super hot! Congrats. :love:
  14. Yay!! So exciting!! Congrats...definitely post pics.
  15. valerieb- you lucky duck! congrats on the rouge city. i'm sure you'll love it! one of bbag's best colors. it's the perfect statement bag. enjoy!