Rogue 25 - any new colours coming up?

  1. Does anyone know if the Rogue 25 will be coming out in new colours anytime soon? Would love the same color pink that is out now for the Swagger and Edie. Kinda tired of the current offerings. Need something fresh and new.

    I have my eye on the black/pink tea rose as well.
  2. I saw a light pink 25 with snakeskin handles today. It's super pretty!
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  3. Here's a pic- Credit goes to LL777. This is from the spring/summer 2017 thread.
  4. This is super pretty! Hopefully they come out with a black handles version!
  5. There is a Beechwood 25 coming also. You can see it on Coach's website if you look at the Rogue 25. Its not orderable yet but its seen in the mod shots. Beechwood, chalk on sides, black handles & tan suede interior. Defintely on my watch list for a spring/summer bag. I think neutrals will be front & center on some of the new bags.
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  6. Love this one, too! yellow python Rogue 25.jpeg
  7. Agree & whike the snake embellishment really is striking, its a personal decision for me not to purchase bags with genuine reptile skin. I raised & bred them in my own home & just can't do it. Really sucks though because there are some gorgeous bags out there with this detailing. Saves me $$ though :smile:
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  9. Thanks so much for the intel and pics everyone!! I think my heart is set on the black/pink tea rose - now I just gotta convince my wallet.
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  10. Are the older Rogue colors showing up in the outlets yet? I am eyeing the butterscotch but in the regular size, still too much money even on eBay.
  11. Are the Rogues going to outlets? I don't have an outlet near me so never get to browse around to see what they have. I'm trying to find a 25 in 1941 Red and of course it's now sold out online. Maybe it's at the outlet now? The Forest color is also sold out and Denim and Saddle don't even show up anymore. Are new colors coming out, perhaps? These same colors have been out awhile so I hope they're just transitioning into new colors? The lady I talked to on the phone didn't know.

    I'm thisclose to pulling the trigger on either the pink/snake or pink/tea rose, but can't get over the price. I'd hate to buy one and then see a plain pink or black w/ pink suede show up next week.
  12. I was so worried when the denim didn't show up on the website this weekend that I decided I better go to my boutique. I ended up with the last one in store!! They had black, chalk and the black with tearoses on display however.
  13. Congrats on finding the denim one! My store only has chalk right now, which I already have. They have a regular size in 1941 red, but I really want a more worry-free color in the small size for the days I don't feel comfortable carrying my chalk. Keeping my fingers crossed for some new colors perhaps!
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  14. I'm debating getting the black also haha I just adore this bag, it's so luxurious!
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