Roger Vivier Sole Shocking Peeling!

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  1. The lacquer layer of my RV sole started peeling badly with only one wear and minimal walking (less than 10 minutes of walking on concrete on a rainy day). I know nobody can really see the bottom of my shoes, but the peeling spreads to the tip which is slightly tilted up, so I can actually see that the peeled lacquer layer sticks out in pieces beyond the sole. It's shocking unsightly for any shoe let alone supposedly high quality designer shoes. Is normal for RV sole to peel like this?
  2. Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I haven't had this experience as I put vibram rubber soles on all my RV and other designer shoes. It seems that all designer shoes need to be babied this way prior to wearing. Can you get the RV store to look at it and give you some kind of refund/ store credit?