Roger Vivier shoes

  1. I really wanted the chips flats in black patent. I am unable to ship it to a US parcel service. I was once stopped crossing the border at Buffalo and because my friend and I under declared we were charged a lot in taxes and duty. They were also all quite rude at the border and laughing and mocking us. So I have no plans to ever drive over the border and declare goods again!

    But all the best to you! I wish you lots of luck so that you are not charged ridiculous amounts of duty and taxes!
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry about your bad experience at the border! Some of my friends had similar experiences (one of them cried after being interrogated when she returned from her honeymoon with a new LV bag), so I'm really paranoid and declare the full amount.

    Are you close to Holts on Bloor? They carry RVs too but not sure if they have the chips flats. Holt's RV prices are surprisingly reasonable -- my gommette flats are US475 but C495 at Holts. The reason I ordered mine from Bal Harbour is because they have the calf leather version.

    I have a lovely shoe SA at Holts Van, so I can ask her if they ordered the chips flats in black patent. Will let you know.

  3. I love love the Prismick bags! They are such an elegant and unique design. I've been drooling at the handbag pics you posted a while back. Please do get one and let me live vicariously through you. :biggrin:

  4. I do live in Toronto and have been to Bloor St Holts, but I am a size 42 and they dont carry up to that size. :tdown: So I am sure Vancouver won't, as well. So I am stuck with LVR, MyTheresa and Luis. LOL Luis from Bal Harbour has an amazing selection in my size, but it really bothers me when I pay the government the ridiculous amount of taxes and duty.

    I am thinking of getting the gommette flats you bought from BH in all patent from LVR (luisaviaroma.) They equal out to 481.00 Canadian which a is a good deal because they include all taxes and duties in the sale price! However, my ultimate pair would be the chip flats in every single colour!! LOL :graucho:
  5. Ah, I see.. what a shame that Holts doesn't have the full range of sizes.

    LVR's price is amazing if they include taxes and duties! Even with shipping, it shouldn't be too bad. At least no surprises at the door and it sounds like their rate of duty is way lower than what Canada Customs charges.

    But yes, BH has wonderful selection and customer service. It sounds like if you become a regular customer, you are privvy to their private sales. I spoke to an SA who said they have private sales twice a year on seasonal colours. You could work your way to getting the chips in every colour! :biggrin::graucho:

    Good luck with your search for the chips! Post pics if you get them. :smile:

  6. Poptarts:flowers:Off topic, but as you have wider feet I would love to hear about your favorite designers. I have wide feet too and to top it off one foot is wider than the other (broke my toe a few years back) Any direction in designer footwear would be lovely!!:flowers::flowers:
  7. To add to this thread. My one and only pair of RV. Not that I wouldn't mind more, but it has been hard to find my size...BTW the heels are very short under 3".
  8. I love them. But, I have been bad... recently bought several Chanel bags, so I am on a self-imposed handbag ban for a while.

    I hope someone buys a Prismick and does modelling shots. Or maybe not, as I would be tempted again!

  9. Hi, Yes... I really love that bootie too. They fit me true to size, but in general, I prefer to buy ballet flats and boots a little on the large size. The reason being the flats I am going to be walking around all day and I like the slightly loose feel that isn't so binding. And the bootie, since it is winter, I like a loose bootie and especially if I wear socks. I guess what I'm trying to say is I like to wiggles my toes in my shoes!

    That said, the bootie does fit true to size. There is an elastic that stretches so you slip the bootie on. If you are all over the place, I would recommend getting the larger size. In my opinion, it never hurts to have a larger boot. But I hate a tight boot. I have bought tight boots before and I end up not wearing them because they are not comfy.

    Oh oh oh... an idea... have Luis send you both sizes. I did that with a new style I had never worn before and I wanted to be sure. They have this program where he will send you several shoes. You just give him your credit card for good faith, but he does not charge you. Then, you choose the shoe(s) you want and ship the rest back in the same box. Shipping is free both ways. I did that two times. The first time, I had them ship me 5 pairs (yea... a bit greedy, but I wasn't sure on sizes or color). The second time, I had them ship me 2 pairs. You can ask if that is still an option. That way, you know for sure. And they give you a shipping label to ship it back. It's very easy.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.
  10. These are very pretty. They must be the 65mm heel which is a great height. Lovely shoes!
  11. Off topic... about Wide-Feet... :smile:

    The brands I like are Roger Vivier ofcourse, and Chanel. Chanel shoes fit my feet great. A popular brand I do not like is Christian Louboutin. I have two pairs of pumps and one wedge. All 3 are NOT comfortable. They are very narrow and the toe part is narrow as well which squishes my feet. I have vowed to never buy CLs again, no matter how fashionable.

    I would like to post two Chanel pumps I think you ladies would love. They are super comfy. But this is a RV thread... would that be bad? Am I going to get shot by the Purse Forum police?
  12. Thank you!:flowers:65mm no wonder I wear them so much! Very easy to walk in!

    As the person who started the off topic question, of course I am going to say...:thinking:...YES!! I would love pics!:biggrin:But that is my opinion.:p
  13. Ok... Julide made me do it....
    Off topic... Chanel shoes.
    So if I get put into jail and get banned from the Purse Gorum, it was a pleasure cheating with all of you RV lovers.

    Here is my favorite Chanel pump. It comes in two height variations as seen in the two pics below and also different color combos. Great for wide feet people and also for folks with skinny heels. I love them. These are the pics of the pumps I actually bought and wear and they are super comfy.

    The off white is a 85mm heel bit it's hard to tell in the stock photo from my SA.

    The beige I have in both the lower chunky heel and the higher 85mm height.


  14. :lol:Don't worry if you are thrown in the clink...I will sneak you RV and now some Chanels too!!;)
    Willeyi:flowers:Thank you for sharing these shoes as I have wide feet and a narrow heel, a nightmare to find shoes!:flowers:
  15. In general, Asians have wider feet. Hence, in Asian countries, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo bring in shoes with wider cut like C cut for Chanel (vs B in Europe/USA) and D cut for SF (vs C in Europe/USA). I understand in the US only Hawaii brings in the wider cuts in the whole of US. Such wider cuts make a whole of of difference in comfort.