Rofl...try The Maze Game.......!!!


    At one point u may pee your pants LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TAY showed me this....!
  2. OMG Jill I almost died! Not friggin kidding you!!!!
  3. I remember this.....bad memories :biggrin:
  4. omg. my mother thought i had killed the dog. lmao. we all fell alseep early and well im still here on tPF and she just came running into my room like right now. LMAO. with her eye mask. like literally ON!!! This is like the 3rd time this week i wake her up!!! SHE WANTS TO MASSACRE ME!
  5. ^ROFL....My daughter was ROFL after she made me do this game..I should of known she was up to no good,HEHEHE!
  6. :wtf: my heart is still racing.

    you wanna hear the best thing?

    i had done this crap game like 3 thousand times before to other people.
    so when i was doing the 3rd level and i was inches away from the door,
    i started to think, "this all seems very familiar.. what does the 4th level look like?"

    and then BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! :shocked::shocked::shocked:

    :noworry: < my mom

    :amuse: < me
  7. ^ROFL!!!!!I know,Its after midnight and IM WIDE AWAKE!!!(Due to my screaming!LMAO!)
  8. :sweatdrop: we are so bad :nogood: blame tPF! tPF!!!!!

    im gonna have to sue cause of my dark circles! THEYRE LIKE HARDCORE!! :roflmfao:
  9. I use a crappy trackpad and not a mouse, so naturally I couldn't get past level two. So frustrating! I always have my laptop on mute, am I missing anything?
  10. hahahah that gave me a shock... im at work and jumped.. everyones looking at me!
  11. OMG i peed in my pants AND fell off my chair HAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. LOL, I just tried this, and didn't get past level 2(use a laptop trackpad), and after reading these responses, I am glad I didn't get past level 2, lol! But those type of things are hilarious! I am going to do this to a few people tomorrow, lol!
  13. *LOL* :lol:

    OMG, I screamed so loud.

    I feel like my heart is gonna pop out of my chest.
  14. OMG Jill!!!! That scared the S((T out of me!!!!! I can feel my heart beat in my eyes!!! I do think I managed a trickle also!!! :roflmfao:
  15. OMG :shocked: my heart!