ROFL K-Fed now in wrestling

  1. He is just so gross.
  2. Him and Tanya Harding should get together, then they could be a team in the ring and be called kevya.
  3. Oh my GOD! I was flicking through the channels, and the first time I saw him on the WWE, he visited WWE slam. He was like, "Y'all wanna hear me rap?" and "Me and Britney and our five houses . . . "

    Yeah, you don't have those anymore, K-Fed!

    The ones that were posted were K-Fed's and John Cena's Pay-Per-View title match.
  4. Although, to be fair, he'd be earning his own money with a WWE contract.
  5. What a f-ing idiot, at least he is trying to make his own living now.
  6. Oh he is hilarious! I saw him fight, and it was the funniest thing on earth!
  7. pethatic
  8. Someone lets him wrestle and win.. what a joke.
  9. Well, you know, he'd be the villian in the storyline! In wrestling, you need good guys and bad guys. John Cena is the good guy and K-Fed will be the bad guy!

    (I used to watch WWE in college.)
  10. My family is soooooooooo into WWE (hey, it's our thing!) and let me just say that KFED is an idiot who shouldnt even be allowed to watch wrestling..he pisses me off so much!! I dont care if he "earns" his own money on WWE, he has no business being there. Leave the cheesy wrestling story lines to the real pros Fed Ex! (And once Brooke Hogan becomes a WWE Diva because she failed to make it as a singer I quit watching WWE.) :smile:
  11. Brooke Hogan is on WWE now? LOL
  12. I think she's saying that if Brooke becomes a Diva she's going to stop watching WWE. (Right? Was that what you meant?) I doubt Hulk would let her be a Diva!

    Although Nick's been in the ring.
  13. I say, if K-Fed wants to attempt to be a wrestler and have John Cena beat the crap out of him every Raw and Smackdown then that's his business.

    If he's wrestling, he's not 'rapping!'

  14. It';s big joke..I don't like watching wrestling on TV because I think it's fake and K-fed won make it evenb clearer that wrestling is fake..I watched it with some hope that he get beat up..but he won instead..what a joke!