ROFL! I spent this entire night thoroughly entertained by TPF's greatest moments!

  1. AGH! Im soooo tired!

    I have been laughing my butt off all night reading about luxurious lila or whatever her name was and how she lost 10 grand, got a brand new benz, got accepted to USC and much more. The highlight was when she freaked out and started getting mad and started talking smack.

    Other highlights that had me rolling:

    *Anything and everything by Bagnshoo (HAHAHA especially that pic of the "private airplane" in reagrd to lilas Benz story)

    *Vlad as youve never seen him (HILARIOUS!)

    *Megs next to her godfather John Travolta with the man-body

    Pradas Meadow editing lila's post (in regard to "choose one word to describe yourself) and Prada had edited it to say "Liar" with a nodding happy face!

    Sighhhhhhh, and there is so much more, but Im going to go hit the hay because I am so tired!

    The ladies (and men) of tpf are witty, supremely intelligent, and have some of the best thigh-slapping humor I've heard in a long time!

    Thank you!

    Now, Im off to bed (giggling to myself!)
  2. If I only knew half of the stuff you were talking about:crybaby:. I want links to these hilarious posts! I want to laugh too!! How dare you deprive me! :p
  3. I know, now I gotta check these out!

    I agree GUNG, there are some fabulously entertaining folks here!!
  4. ALso remember to check out the thread on *how many tpfers it takes to unscrew a lightbulb* or something, and the thread with the reveal of the notorious Moda-da.:upsidedown:
  5. Ohhh and search for the 'camel toe' thread...that one was hilarious!
  6. ITA the lightbulb thread and the camel toe are serious LMAO material!!
  7. Links please!
    You're killing me here!
  8. omg i read the camel toe one and couldn't stop laughing I was choking on my dinner!!!!
  9. the colonics pic had me ROFLMAO.....SIGH....
  10. The camel toe thread! hahahah that one is such a classic.
  11. I liked the Vlad vs Charles fight thread :tup:
  12. ^^^ yeaaaaa. Have we set a date for that yet?:graucho:
  13. whats scary is I have actually found and read these threads myself one night. some of the people who have been banned kill me!the comments, megs with her uncle travolta,vlad and charles hitting each other with purses. looking for a spot to mud wrestle, all entertaining!! keep it up all of you! thanks for the laughs! the plane in my garage was hilarious!!