ROFL I had to post this! Vincent, you are not my type! Sorry RM!

  1. Everytime I look at "Vincent" I start laughing hysterically!

    Its cool, she can be Rebecca's man!

  2. Vincent is HOT! I better behave, I'm a married woman here haha. But hey, I can look : )
  3. Who is Vincent anyway? I like the give the Vincent cards to my girlfriends, claiming that some guy named Vincent left his card for her. It never gets old for me, either!
  4. I'm married too- but I think Vincent is so handsome.
  5. Supposedly if you call "he" really answers but I have not gotten up the nerve to try yet:p.
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    Don't know why, but he reminds me of Anthony Perkins from Psycho lol
  7. Sukey, I can see that. Sometimes the Vincent makes me think of Vincent Price. What a lovely pairing with Anthony Perkins!
  8. I think Vincent is so unbelievably hot.. Looks wise, he is def my type.
  9. I'm curious--has anyone ever really called?
    My boyfriend was so confused when he was examining my purse for the first time and found the card. He was, like, 'Who is Vincent? Why does he want you to call?'
    I'm sort of tempted to find out what happens...but I don't have the nerves!
  10. I'm married to Vincent. Well, sort of... hubby is french. LoL!
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    I would love to find a card like this in all my new MABs!


    on the back it could say

    Dear GUNG,
    I loved your MAB.. so sexy
    Call me 510-555-1234
    Yours, Mark Wahlberg :heart:

  12. A little off topic but Gung started it: where's Mock??? I want my future sunshine nikki photoshopped into a pic with Christain Bale - Psycho shot preferably. Oh and while daydreaming, can you also add me in there? Thanks!
  13. Whoever Vincent is, he is not Rebecca's boyfriend according to Elle Magazine. Elle said that her boyfriend is Gavin Bellour, an actor/musician. Anybody remember that eco bag that was pictures with Bijoux Phillips a few months back...that's where I got that info.
  14. I'm sorry, did someone say Christian Bale?

    Sorry Sango, I don't have my computer with me today or I would totally oblige. Any excuse to work closely on a pic of Christian RM Nikki, I mean

    ....I'll be in my bunk.