Roe's Clutch Faves

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  1. I haven't done this before but I figured since I took them out yesterday I may just take a pic of them today before putting them back away.

    1. Jimmy Choo Marin Clutch
    2. Jocelyn Pink Clutch ( purchased at Bendels 5 years ago)
    3. Orla Kiely orange & tan clutch ( purchased around 4 or 5 years ago)
    4. Michael Kors Lilac Clutch
    5. Gucci Horsebit Clutch
    6 Jimmy Choo Blue eel skin clutch
    7. Roberto Vascon Original Brown Paisley Clutch ( made to order for me)
    8. Valentino Bow Clutch

    Hope you like some of my lil clutch collections
  2. I love these. I don't own any clutches and I was just thinking I need to get some and the next thread I look at is this one. I think its a sign, lol. You have a great assortment here.
  3. Such a cute clutch collection!!
    I love the Gucci clutch!
  4. cute collection!
  5. thanks. i'll post more later on. i took these down last night looking for a bag to use for the evening. now if i want to post my other bags, i do it in this thread or do i start another one.
  6. Cool Clutch Collection! I love clutches! I only wish I didnt carry so much stuff with me so I could use them more often!
  7. You would do it in this one! You just keep adding on as you please! Cant wait to see the rest!
  8. Great collection! LOVE your Gucci clutch! I don't have any clutches in my collections...I'm thinking, after I've seen yours, that it's high time I got one! ;) Thanks for sharing!
  9. love ur orange & tan clutch.. so cute:drool:
  10. Nice collection!
  11. thank you ladies. i still have yet to put my other bags up. i sometimes think that my collection is not "worthy" enough to post
  12. I'm in love with your collection!! I have a tendency to purchase clutches as well! I have sooo many, they're addicting, aren't they?? Hehe! Especially love the Valentino.. I thought about getting that one myself! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  13. LOVE the Jimmy Choo blue eel!!! Stunning.
  14. whoa!!! you're the first person to comment on that bag in this forum. i was told by the SA that it was a bit of a unique bag being that they didnt make many of them. i haven't heard or seen anyone mention it in here before. thank you for the compliment! i do love it. the picture does not do it justice.
  15. adding a few more