Roermond reveal!

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  1. So I sneaked in another visit to Roermond yesterday. It was mostly Bayswaters with microfiber that they had but I got lucky and managed to get this beauty. She's got suede lining, she's made in England and I got her at a really good price! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462797477.610345.jpg
  2. Ooh..she's beautifull and so lucky you got suede lining.
    I was in Roermond last thursday and I got a bow clutch wallet in bright red and a heart keychain for mothers day

    Enjoy your new bag!
  3. Well done! What colour is this? Is it the evergreen?
  4. Beautiful bag.
    Enjoy her. :smile:
  5. Ah, Roermond! My all time favorite place to shop! :yes: And congrats with your lovely new Bays!
  6. Ooh, it's lovely! Congratulations on your new Bays! :smile:
  7. Thanks ladies, I'm very excited! It's a black glossy goat bays with nickel hardware
  8. I love the glossy/shiny goat. Suits bays well. Enjoy her :smile:
  9. Congrats on your gorgeous bays DutchMulberry, enjoy.
  10. Well done! That leather and hardware is still in my wish list. Good purchase ;)

  11. They had two more!
  12. Love it, congrats And with nickel hardware
  13. It is stunning. Black nickel bays is my favourite bays too. It is just so elegant!
  14. Enjoy your new bag and well done on finding her suede lined :tup:
  15. Lovely addition to your collection DutchMulberry, carry it in good health ❤️