Rodeo Wallet

  1. Does anyone have Rodeo leather in a wallet or other small leather good? Can you tell me how it wears? Is it as fragile as it feels? :confused1:
  2. Gazoo, this is a great leather. Sniff it next time you're at the store. It is scratch resistant. It doesn't seem fragile to me.
  3. I KNOW! The smell is divine. I was concerned about the velvety texture not being super durable.
  4. Velvety? Rodeo has a smooth texture. Or do you mean eversoft?
  5. Here is a close up of the leather in a half dogon color is rouge moyen.
    It is beautiful. It is smooth. The grains do not have "bumps" like togo or clemence.
    dogon rouge moyen .JPG
  6. Hmmm it's not a leather that comes to my mind immediately but if it smells divine and wears well, then give it a go!
  7. Yes it was velvety to the touch and I confirmed it was Veau Rodeo with both store manager and ticket. They had an eversoft Kelly at the time that was much softer and even more "velvety". Rodeo felt "velvety" compared to the TOGO they had to compare with.