Rodeo: saw Shopper tote and pic of Amarante...

  1. I saw the shopper tote at Rodeo Dr. yesterday for the first time. I think it was the display model but the SA said it was already sold but allowed me to look at it. It's made of leather weaved together (I saw the red/white/blue version). At least, the SA said it was leather.

    The inside lining actually was a beige/creme color and had LVs printed on it - it was kinda shiny, I think... the lining looked nice and the bag had some pockets.

    Just seemed like alot of money for a bag that looks like bags you see in Chinatown.

    Also, while I was there, I saw a new look book of accessories that I was able to flip through. It had a pic of the Amarante Inclusion PM (thin) bracelet and it said it would come in the small and medium size. There was no GM listed for Amarante at all. The color to me looks like a dark eggplant purple. I like it because eggplant purple is one of my favorite colors! Can't wait for the bracelet to come out in June - only a month away!
  2. I saw that same book about a month ago..the store had JUST gotten it, I think I was the first person to look at it.
    I don't remember, but did the Amarante Inclusion have colored stones in it? I'm trying to figure something out here and the only thing I can think of is that this one piece I saw on eBay is Amarante...because it's definitely not black.
  3. Eggplant purple :nuts: ? Sounds like a lovely colour
  4. ^^And it's got a shimmer to's gorgeous!
  5. I wish it was June already ;)
  6. Thanks for the update .. I wish that someone had seen the gold shopper as they have no idea when it is going to be released here:yes:
  7. I didn't notice if there were colored stones in the Amaranted.... the pic/color are pretty dark, so it's hard to tell, but I really do think that the color of the Amarante is a dark eggplant purple. Can't wait until June!
  8. I was thinking of getting a pomme inclusion bracelet, but this new color sounds awesome. I love purple.
  9. Peace.. what time were you there?! I was there too.. around 3 pm I think.
  10. how much is the east west bag shopper.
  11. Ahhhh, dark eggplant purple with a shimmer...:drool:
    Thanks for the great info ~ another item to look forward to!!
  12. Ok thanks! Just wondering because I don't remember..I just rememered that I loved the color and can't wait for it! I wish I'd be able to buy them at the party next week. Sigh.
  13. Well they FINALLY put the pics up on the site...I'm on for these :love::
  14. I can't wait to see the bags. Lovin this color!
  15. Wow it's INK Purple! Reminds me of grape juice.....:love: