Rodeo or South Coast?

  1. Which do you guys think is a better store to get a birkin??
    I noticed that the SA in the rodeo store is not that friendly..

  2. Please try Beverly Hills again and ask to speak with Jill. She is a really really nice lady and so helpful. Jill used to be my SA here where I live before she accepted a position in California.:heart:
    I miss her!!
  3. thanks!! I'll try again! I'm looking for a Birkin Shoulder.. desperately!! do you know where I can find one??
  4. am8nda: I think you got to put your name on a wait list for a shoulder Birkin. You don't really see this bag on the shelf.

    Rodeo Drive store is bigger than the one in SCP so the Rodeo store is likely to receive more bags.
  5. I love south coast! I live in SF and I still prefer to wait untill I vist my fam in OC and buy my bags there. I feel like OC is more relaxed.
  6. hi I was in the SF boutique, the SA said there is no waiting list...... what's going? how to shop for a birkin? is it just hit or miss?