Rodeo Leather

  1. I just got a red rodeo zip agenda:heart:
    I'ts sooo smooth...and it smells sooo good...and the color is red but with some fuxia/purple in it and I can uderstand it's because the kind of leather.
    The smell is really incredible. I have it on my bed and my whole room smells of rodeo leather!
    I would love a purse in Rodeo. I understand it's a delicate leather, but it's really fabulous.
    Do you have any experience in birkin in this leather?

  2. Congratulations on ur purchase!!! pics plzzzzz!
  3. congratulations!!! PICS PICS PICS!
  4. how pretty that will be in your kelly. sounds wonderful.
  5. here it is!
    agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg agenda4.jpg
  6. Hey Costa, does that chain come with the pen or did you have to buy it seperate?
  7. I saw Rodeo leather on an agenda and loved it! It's reminds me of a flatter, softer, lighter Fjord. Thought it was really pretty!

    Congrats on your new purchase! Beautiful!
  8. Mmm, so pretty! I can just imagine the smell of the leather! Congrats!
  9. Baggaholic, the chain and pen don't come with the agenda. They are seperate buy.

    Serenity Sue, the smell is soooo good:heart:
  10. ^^^^^Costa, I'll make sure to sniff some Rodeo when I go into the store again. Gosh, my SA is going to think I'm so wierd, I already have him take out the Barenia just so I can sniff them.
  11. HG, I do the same LOL!!
  12. Costa, would you believe I went into the store today just to sniff some Rodeo................and I LIKED it!!! All I could think was "Now that's leather!"
  13. Ohhhhhh, I LOVE that color!!!! Need to go find some rodeo to sniff!
  14. What a beautiful agenda. I love that color.