Rodeo Drive Shoulder Bag... pic inside... too trendy?

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  1. Beautiful bag. I think that I like it better than the cabas. Savannah, yours is gorgeous. I would definitely get one if I were you. I think both colors are great, but think I'd get the black for easier care.
  2. she is an absolutely gorgeous classic! sometimes i think the word classic is put on the same level as conservative -- ..imo, not the same, conservative brings up images of stuffiness, while classic is timeless, although it may have a new look or an extra flourish that we may not normally see in a "conservative classic" ...:yes:

    PS hope i made myself clear! anyway, i love the bag...:flowers:
  3. I love it in black! Somehow reminds me a bit of the Olsen hobo, like Savannah said.

    It looks classy and beautiful to me. Good luck with your decision!
  4. The PINK is shouldelicious! Like to use it on my day date.:P
  5. The bag is great but I'll more concern about the light color. You just have to baby it a little bit more.

  6. ya i know what you mean! when i tried it on at the store, the chains almost felt "cheap"? :sweatdrop:
  7. the colour combo is definately classy with the gold hardware! its beautiful :smile:
  8. i love it so much, i am wondering do they have this size in black leather with silver hw?
  9. ^ not in the $2650 size (medium)
  10. LOVE this bag. It's classic, and the fact that the color is a neutral, means it will go with everything. Go for it!
  11. I love the Rodeo Drive collection. The shape and the leather are beautiful. I only wish the HW would be distressed
  12. i like it. looks like a classic bag not trendy at all.
    may i ask what other colors it is available in?
  13. It's a great bag. I usually only like quilted Chanels but I love this one.
  14. Classic look too, lovely bag!!