Rodeo Drive Shoulder Bag... pic inside... too trendy?

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  1. Definitely classic!

    Savannah's pictures definitely won me over ;)
  2. Wow this is a beautiful bag. I'd almost say it was vintage if it wasn't brand new - it's got that lucious leather.
  3. LOve the black one!just wish it had silver HW....
  4. I'm with you, Jill - in a heartbeat if it had silver HW -
  5. Wow! I've never seen this style... It's beautiful and definitely a classic!!
  6. I loved this bag when I saw it the other week! I was so close to getting it in white, but I really would prefer it in silver hardware...
  7. It's classy and I agree with the silver hw. It's still a gorgeous bag I would carry for a long time.
  8. GORGEOUS BAG, I do wish that there was silver hardware instead tho.
  9. This is a really classy gorgeous bag! I keep changing my mind as to whether I like the blush or the black more.... tee hee hee! Go for it!
  10. beautiful bag! i prefer silver hardware though
  11. Like everyone, I first liked the bag but when I tried it on myself irl, I didn't feel it. Maybe it's because I tried the one with gold chain on black which looks pretty matured on me. No doubt, the calfskin leather (I think?) is really smooth and soft! I love the chain too! I think the large size in silver h/w would've looked a lot better on me than the one I tried on. :graucho:
  12. I love it. It's beautiful
  13. i agree:yes:

    GL deciding!
  14. Its a classic, and it does not have that "dated" look.
    I think the logo is great and very dubtle--- it doesnt scream out at you.
  15. Its a classic but I would prefer it in a SH too.