Rodeo Drive Shoulder Bag... pic inside... too trendy?

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  1. Oh I love it, its not as slouchy as I assumed at first look of IntlSet's photo.. I do love the blush color, would go nicely with nude CL's :graucho:
  2. i loove this bag - very classic. i almost bought it a few weeks ago when the botiques first got them in...
  3. I am not huge into the big logos but this one totally got my attention. I am waitlisted for this bag, but (yes there is a but), I am little hesistant after seeing it at another trunk show. I was not thrilled with the handles, they have a strange lightness to them, unlike metal. The color is TDF especially the blush. And of course the black which is very beautiful as well.
  4. Thanks Savannah! Looks fabulous on you. It's smaller than I expected and not as slouchy. Thank you for the modeling pics!!!
  5. i saw it and loved it
    is the white more creamy ?
  6. I think it is beautiful
  7. I think it's a lovely bag. Timeless lines, durable leather. It doesn't scream trendy to me at all (and I would tell you if it did).
  8. I Love It In Black... Wow!!
  9. Really liking this purse. Just feel that the blush will be harder to maintain.
  10. wow I'm liking this bag it's beautiful! I agree with the other p'fers it's definately more on the classic side.
  11. I think its very classy and love it in cream color
  12. I like it and would carry that bag for years. I know the flaps are supposed to be "classic" but I prefer a bag like this one.
  13. The bags w/ logos on them aren't classic? Like the hidden label? What's your opinion on that particular one?
  14. It's gorgeous ... I like the black, I'd die for a purple!
  15. i love it!