Rodeo Drive Shoulder Bag... pic inside... too trendy?

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  1. I love that bag! I think it looks classic.
  2. Wow! after seeing photos of Savannah's bag, I love this bag more and more.....but would love to have it with silver chain to match with the color of my jewelry & watch. Go for it Annie. This bag is absolutely gorgeous. You can put your GST to rest after getting this bag :smile:
  3. Savannah, is it a structured bag? It doesn't look slouchy at all when you carry it.
  4. Oh...I like this bag in black...
  5. me too...
  6. wow - thats a hot bag!
  7. I think it is more of a classic as well. I completely understand not being a huge fan of logos as I am not either, but I would consider buying this one. It is a very beautiful bag!
  8. I think it's a very classic bag. I also love how soft the color is. Im not one to go for bag with huge logos plastered on to them but I really like this one since it looks quite subdued especially because of the color.
  9. I like that bag. I think it looks like a classic. Reminds me of the soft & Chain bag.
  10. Savannah, it's gorgoeus. I don't think it's trendy, it's really classic. I love the chain.
  11. very nice! love it in black :smile:
    classic, not trendy....
  12. Savannah - gorgeous bag! Congrats.

    Does it fit comfortably on your shoulders? How long is the drop? I like a longer drop and hope this will work for me.

    I would love, love, love to order this bag with my Saks SA and it would really help the search if you wouldn't mind posting the SKU number (Number under the bar code). I posted this instead of PM'ing you in case others might be interested in the info too.

  13. Love it!!
  14. Its gorgeous! I love it! I think that it is a classic look! But its more casual than formal which is what I like about it!
  15. After looking at Savannah's bag, I am really loving the purse in black.