Rodeo Drive Shoulder Bag... pic inside... too trendy?

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  1. [​IMG]
    Big thanks for seahorseinstripes for being so very considerate and wonderful for posting all those Chanel pics... this is one from the collection she posted.

    I've been trying to stay away from logos but something about this bag just totally speaks to me. Do you ladies think that it's just too trendy and will be just sort of dated in a while?

    I have a very low tolerance for how long I think trends can look fresh... usually when someone asks "is this trend over" I am the first to say yes.

    What do you ladies think? Should I avoid this bag, or is it a more classic look?
  2. Annie, I think it's more classic than it is trendy:yes:
  3. I also think it is more classic. It is really beautiful. Is it lambskin? It looks delicate.
  4. It is calfskin... not sure how much more durable that is. Can anyone fill us in?
  5. calf is durable:yes:
    Do you mind a slouchy bag? I like mine to stay pert when I sit them down! LOL!
  6. ^^^
    LOL, I don't need my bags to have good posture... This is the sort of bag that would kind of just schlump into itself, isn't it... hehe. I will just hang it on a chair if I go out or something. I wonder how big it is on a person. I'll have to wait to see it on a PFer -- so someone go buy this and let me know!
  7. I think this bag has a classic look too. :yes:
  8. I just to this in black. I'll post some pictures for ya!
  9. i love the color and the slouchiness of it all--it's perfect for a sunny day. do you think the leather will wrinkle?? that'd be my only concern.
  10. Love the overall look of the bag BUT not liking the "tube cap" connecting the chain strap to the body of the bag, Also do you know what other colors will be avail.?
  11. LOL Savannah! I knew I could count on you... hehe. Can't wait to see them!!! :heart:
  12. Please excuse my modeling pix, I've been sick for the past few days.
  13. Here you go:

    the leather is very smooth and very soft. the chains are shiny and very light. it kinda reminds me of the Olsen bag, or is that wishful thinking, LOL!!

  14. I think it looks classy. I love how the shape and color of the bag makes it appear very delicate and girly..I love it!
  15. comparing her to my mango jumbo: