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which bag?

  1. damier azur speedy

  2. mono speedy

  3. white mc pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. No question, Azur Speedy!
  2. i honestly do NOT like the colour of azur..
  3. Get the azur if you're not crazy about the mono pattern. If the azur gets dirty, wipe it off. I have the azur speedy and it did get dirty....wiped it off with a baby wipe and it's fine.
  4. Get the Azur Speedy!! I think it would suit you! Mono may be classic but is too common, I think it's a shame...and since you already own a bit of MC why not go for a change? :supacool:
  5. I'd vote for the Azur Speedy. I finally took it out for the first time since purchase in January and received alot of stares and compliments. Don't think it would get dirty easily and as said by fellow TPFers that you can just wipe off the canvas. But if you ain't feeling the Azur, go for the Mono. It's classic. HTH.
  6. Don't do the mono... it doesn't sound like you really like it. Sure it's timeless, but get a bag that you're going to stare at everyday and drool over! MC or Azur would be great. Personally, I think you should go azur. For just a few bucks more than the pochette you can fit A TON of stuff!
  7. get the azur speedy, its gorgeous and great for summer
  8. Azur! summery and well just seems the better option for you.
  9. ^thanks you guys! i think im going to get the azur, but im so scared for it to patina. i like the light patina on azur bags :'(
  10. have fun sweetie! :yes:and i agree with the majority...azur speedy seems to suit you...can't wait to see it!:heart:
  11. Azur! You & I both have been lusting after that bag! lol. I would say MC pochette, but you already have some MC. plus, for the price of the MC, you could almost get the roomy azur speedy! just my .02 cents! lol.
  12. I Love The Azur But Anyone Well Do They Are All Hott Bags!!!
  13. MC pochette :biggrin: have fun shopping!