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which bag?

  1. damier azur speedy

  2. mono speedy

  3. white mc pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Azur Speedy :smile:
  2. Azur Speedy!
  3. azur speedy!
  4. Damier azur speedy 30
  5. I say mono speedy,i get i just love how its sooo classic :smile:.
    But the azur would be my second choice.
  6. Azur!
  7. Definitely get a speedy! Either mono or azur, see which one you like more in the store!
  8. a looot of azur people out there!
  9. Azur. Unless you're rolling around in some dirt or putting your bag on the floor often, you'll be fine with azur. It's so fresh looking!
  10. Azur Speedy.

    Im a monogram addict, but i think the azur is so nice looking on a younger girl. My 11 year old cousin has the pochette and she looks so cute with it.

    Get the Azur 30 or 25.

  11. Azur speedy!
  12. Azur!!!!! So fresh and young looking!!!
  13. The pochette is small so go with that if size doesn't matter....otherwise AZUR!!!!
  14. Azur - gorgeous, practical, doesn't get dirty as easily as you think. No downsides!
  15. I like the classic monogram but it doesn't sound like YOU like it, so go with Azur.