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which bag?

  1. damier azur speedy

  2. mono speedy

  3. white mc pochette

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. YAY! im going to rodeo drive on fathers day, and i decided that i am going to purchase a new bag. the only thing is that i dont know what to get...

    Mono speedy 30: the most classic bag ever! holds a ton of stuff...but i dont know if i really like the mono pattern so much...?

    Damier azur speedy 30: gorgeous color! holds a ton of stuff...but will i get it dirty?

    White mc pochette: the first lv bag i ever wanted! i love mc! but its kinda small, and i already have a bit of mc.

    please help me decide!
  2. Get the Azur Speedy..it won't get dirty like you'd think it would.
  3. Definately Azur!
  4. Damier azur! I was just on Rodeo the other week and there weren't that many nice bags at the other boutiques, I was pretty sad.
  5. Mono Speedy 30! The Azur Speedy and the white MC Pochette are pretty but I would be afraid of dirt. I try to avoid light colored bags and clothing. (I always managed to spill something on my white t-shirts! Aargh!)
  6. mm..I'm gonna go with Mono..it's sooo classic! but try it out mono and azur and see what you fancy more!
  7. Mono Speedy -- so classic and gorgeous!
  8. Azur
  9. azur all the way baby!
  10. I'd go with the azur- it'll make the perfect summer bag!
  11. I'd get the Azur Speedy.

    Can't wait to see pics of your trip to Rodeo! :nuts:
  12. Get a SPEEDY...you don't have one of those yet!!!
  13. I voted for the azur speedy too ..great bag for summer:yes:
  14. I voted for Azur, dont own one yet but hope soon.Have fun shopping
  15. Love the Azur.