Rodeo Drive Resale - High End Designer Bags Just Listed

  1. OMG that Chloe Paddington Large Shopper is sooooooo tempting!!! Man, if that Gryson sale didn't hit me hard this bag would be on my shoulder by next week!!!
  2. Bagachondriac -

    You always know of the best sales!! Is this site legit? I've never seen them before (not that that means anything!) Nice, clean site. Thanks for the info!
  3. I agree, bagachondriac, you always manage to find the greatest deals! They've got some great stuff..I'm eyeing a couple of things myself, including that croc card holder!

  4. Thanks ladies!! This is why I do are all so nice and I love it when you all score a new bag at a great price as a result of something I've posted. I must admit that I've yet to shop from this site so I can't speak to their legitimacy. Perhaps someone who has might be willing to chime in.
  5. Hmm well I just checked the BBB and if it's the one that is out of Sherman Oaks, CA then it has a "D" rating. I haven't shopped there though, either.
  6. Buuut if it's the one in Thousand Oaks, then it has a B rating. And that has the site listed.
  7. This is there contact info Contact Us
    5152 Sepulved Blvd Box 192
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    In Southern California: 818.224.2411
    Nationwide Toll-Free: 888.MY.RESALE
  8. hmm they guarantee authenticity, but many sites do too that aren't legit...

    You know what... i'm a little skeptic abt this site... they do not accept Paypal or Google checkout. And any merchants that accept CC cards directly should have "hacker safe" software, and I didn't see anything indicating on the site that they do. And if you go down to the very bottom, the site is powered by "edirecthost" a web site builder... :s
  9. yeah i wouldn't buy from them
  10. I dont know much about authenticating things but i am pretty good at coach stuff and their Coach stuff looks pretty good. They do have lots of pictures of each item as well -- and they allow layaway. I'd say that they probably do sell authentic stuff... just my opinion though :smile:
  11. Can't say I've shopped there either, but I found this in their FAQ listing:

    ORDERS- Is it safe to order on-line?
    Yes, Rodeo Drive Resale uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. Through THAWTE SSL Security Certificates all your information is sent completely secure over the internet. When checking out you will see the THAWTE Certificate with today's date showing our certificates are up to date.
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  12. These are very well used bags, kind of on the dirty looking side to me. I wouldn't buy a dirty used looking person it is probably worse than the pictures.
  13. I don't even think the prices are that great.
  14. I have only purchased Christian Louboutin shoes from them, and they were authentic. Cannot speak about the bags, but their prices are higher than others.