Rodeo Drive has the envelope pouch....hurry!

  1. They just called me, totally forgot I asked the SA to call me if they got any. I didn't give my credit card so I thought no biggie. Anywho, she said they just got them hurry and call. Ask for Rae (??), she's Asian. 310-859-0458 or call 866 and ask them to transfer you to Rodeo so you won't have to pay long distance. They close in 2.5 hours - 6pm pacific time. I already ordered one from the Bev center and I was told that there are only 56 red ones in the country!!

    Oh and it's the red/pomme envelope pouch $390 + tax
  2. oh and please post if you called and got one!! :yahoo:
    I didn't ask how many they got in so who knows.
  3. any heart ones???
  4. didn't ask sorry. did you call bev center, I think they did or do.
  5. My PS at Rodeo was not available, so I called 866 and was told that Rodeo received ONE. I called Rodeo back and she was still unavailable, I asked the call taker to FIND HER FOR ME. My PS got on the phone and said, "Don't worry honey, it is in my hand!" She asked me to visit her tomorrow, so I AM - to pick up my Flat Pouch. However, I am a little hesitant as I always end up buying more stuff! :s
  6. good way to be assertive!! Glad you got it. Good thing I posted! :yahoo:
  7. Yeah! Thanks for posting! Are you going to be able to join us on 2/17 after all? Please try!
  8. I soo want to. If I can't find a sitter, I will have to skip lunch but I def can meet you all at Rodeo after.
  9. Sounds like a plan!!!