Rodeo Drive GUCCI store today.....

  1. So I ventured out today to Rodeo and took along the brats and man was that store PACKED today! Yes they still have some sale bags left. For those interested, they have 2 eclipse totes (the larger ones) in black sig left. They also have a black leather abbey hobo.

    The new fall stuff is so cute and I found a bag I sooo want to get and might go back tomorrow to get it.

    Also I saw Jaclyn Smith there.............remember Charlie's Angels, she was Kellie Garret. She was also in The Bourne Identity. She was hosting a show on Bravo called Shear Genius. Here is her bio:

    Anywho, she's 61 and looked absolutely FAB!!

    I think the new bag I want is part of the BRITT line but I don't see it online so I can't show you which one it is but it's soo cute.
  2. Wow.. They still have Eclipse totes! And that is so cool you saw Kellie Garrett! I totally loved Charlie's Angel's growing up.
  3. Oh I wish I could check out that store!
    Its on my list next time i'm in Los Angeles.

    My friends are going there tomorrow.
    They said there's a fancy car show, so while there hubbys look at cars there buying bags ...
  4. Is the Eclipse with the moon faces?? Am not really sure. Can someone please confirm??? TIA>
  5. Wow sound like you had fun.
  6. I was there also today. I was suprised that they still had so much sale stuff left.
  7. The ellipse line is the one with the circular metal hadware where the straps attach.
  8. How much do the eclipse bags cost now?
  9. what time were you there? I went to Gucci, Coach and LV and I was there from 3:45-4:30pm. It was crazy busy down there. I am gonna go first thing tomorrow in the AM, I plan on leaving round 11 to get there by noon when they open to avoid all the crowds. Hopefully people will still be at church or breakfast w/dad so it won't be so busy!

  10. I was there at 10am found street parking right in front of Gucci. I also went to LV, Coach, Burberry,Tiffany's and Saks and every place was empty. I was looking for "the perfect wallet" for my husband and I can't find anything that I consider perfect.
  11. How much were the Eclipse totes?
  12. ^I think the large eclipse totes are $439 + tax
  13. Thanks!