Rodeo Charm Discussion Thread: Love/Hate/Crazy Reseller Prices etc.

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  1. I like these bag charms but to me they look like Christmas Tree ornaments, not something I'd put on a bag.

    What do you think?
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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Quite franlkly, those are gadgets to me. Same thing for wool pom pom , etc...

    As gadgets, there are fun and cute and whatever, but also totally useless.

    Worse, they could be counterproductive in certain circumstances.

    I would NEVER get caught with one of these hanging at my bag in any business venue.

    For a BBQ party, I might pull 3 of them !
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  4. I used to do something much fun, about ten years ago :

    Replace my bag lock with a Kelly watch ! THAT had a terrific impact:supacool:
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  5. I like them, but not on a bag :shrugs:

    No idea what I'd use it for, but I am quite good at inventing purpose for my H things where none existed :biggrin:
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  6. I was chuckling to self when I readfolks who put one in the H shopping cart only to nix it. I did the same thing just yesterday. A bolt of logic struck me: - really do I really want one hanging on a purse or anywhere else other than an everygreen tree at a certain time of year? The day I spend $350 or more for a leather horse charm, my brain cells need to be re-aligned. H

    Envision a small child seeing that horse charm at their eye level. In the next moment they are reaching out to pet your horse with gooey fingers, twinkling eyes, an ear to ear grin, sheer excitement. Don't get me wrong, I love witnesses those moments when a child is lit up like that holiday evergreen but not so liking when dirty finger arrive on lambskin.
  7. Sort of makes the B look more like a diaper bag in this photo.

    Thanks for starting this thread- a place to vent about the little horsies!
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    Here we go for the Sterling silver Kelly watch as a lock...

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  9. Thanks everyone!

    Please do not hesitate to post if you love these charms! All opinions are welcome :smile:
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    I think they're cute (although I don't understand the price AT ALL - especially that they're all over ebay for up to $899), but not for me. I like my bags naked. The only thing I sometimes put on mine is that glove holder thing, but I actually use it to clip onto my gloves.
  11. Perlerare, I can't see the picture (just that little blue question mark icon), but I love this idea. Plus, you always know the time - perfect.
  12. I'd love to see but I'm getting a red X for the picture.

  13. I tried another way... can you see it now ?
  14. Yes - fabulous. LOVE it.
  15. I think this charm, like many H items, just became a tpf fad. Once one person got one, everyone wanted to get them, no matter what the price. Bag charms are not for me, but I do admire others who do them well.