1. I always set my MJ Selma on the dining room chair at bedtime, so I'll know where she is in the morning. This morning when I went to pick her up... :shocked:




    :crybaby:some rodent had gotten to her and chewed her up :wtf: She's my favorite and goes with everything I have and goes everywhere with me. Now I can't even bear to look at it. :crybaby::cursing: I am sooooooooo mad.... DH is setting traps and aiming to KILL KILL KILL and annihilate the GD rodents. I dunno if I'll ever recover from this incident.
  2. omg! i'm so sorry, spajunkie. i didn't know rodents would attack bags. now i'm paranoid. perhaps i should set up traps around my apartment just in case. perhaps you can send it in for repairs? maybe if you visit a leather professional, they might be able to mend it? there's still hope!
  3. ouch!

    but how come u have rodents at home?
  4. :wtf: That's horrible!

    Sorry for your pain. :crybaby:
  5. OMG... rodents did that to your bag..Grrr hope u get them all
  6. OMG, that is terrible!!! :crybaby:So sorry to hear about this. I hope that it can be fixed!!

  7. DH and I weren't aware of the problem either.... until the selma incident
  8. omg! that sucks. are you gonna try to go get it fixed? awww. i feel your pain!
  9. Oh no - Poor Selma! I'm so sorry! :crybaby: I hope she is fixable!

  10. Thanks xi-captain, annabellet, Tadpolenyc, thestargarb.

    Tad, do you really think so? I might try to take her to someone who repairs leather. But, I mean, it looks as if the blasted beast took a knife and just sliced pieces of her off and left it on the chair for me to find.
  11. OMG NOOO! That's so horrible. I'm so sorry spajunky! And you just got that beautiful bag recently too. :sad::sad:
  12. Oh I feel your pain , if a mouse at my Coach bags I would just die , and I hate mouse so much !

  13. Tthanks luvpurses, I know she's just sooo lovely and sooo young to have suffer such tragedy. DH is mortified and promised to buy me another one. I'm feeling ever so slightly better but still a bit squeamish from the shock.

    by the way, happy birthday to you.
  14. that's crazy!!!!
    I'm so sorry!!
  15. Oh no, that's terrible! I'm sorry the nasty whatever-it-was got its teeth into your baby!
    I agree with the other members, try taking the bag to a leather repair person or cobbler, they might be able to at least patch up your bag.