Rod Stewart & Rachel Hunter's Divorce Finalized

  1. [​IMG]The divorce between Rod Stewart, 61, and his second wife, model Rachel Hunter, 37, has been finalized, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

    Details of their settlement and custody issues over their two children Renee, 14, and Liam, 12, were undisclosed.

    Hunter first filed for divorce from Stewart back in June 2003, seeking joint custody of their kids, then rescinded the divorce petition three days later. The couple had been estranged for years prior.

    In 2005, Stewart filed for divorce from Hunter, citing irreconcilable differences.

    Stewart is now engaged to model Penny Lancaster. The couple welcomed a son, Alastair, in November 2005.
  2. Hm. I thought they'd divorced years ago.
  3. I had no idea they weren't already divorced. I actually thought he was married again after that. I can't keep up.
  4. call me old fashioned but i like to see the divorce before the next fiance and child. i know my opinion is probably unpopular but i don't think you should start a relationship until you are free from the first.
  5. I think that divorce took longer than the actual marriage lasted....
  6. apparently you are not too familiar with Mr. Stewarts track record. He has 4 or 5 other ex wives with kids from almost every one of them! All those relationships seemed to overlap as well. I don't think the guy likes to be alone. He once said (paraphrasing here) "if it weren't for marriage, men would never leave their mums."
    I hear he can charm the pants off a fly! He has stayed good friends with all his ex wives and they all get together (kids and all) from time to time. Hey, its better than hating each other I guess....
  7. Wow, I also thought the divorce was long past
  8. We were in an elevator with him in NYC in a very high profile location where it is quite normal to run into celebrities. DH & I & others on the elevator acted like we didn't know who he was. He turned around & faced us, blocking the door cause no one acknowledged his highness. No one ever did say anything about him being the mighty "Rod."
    We had just seen Jon Bon Jovi, so Rod was small potatoes that day.
  9. I think this is funny and pathetic of him
  10. Rod Stewart is Still ALIVE ??? :nuts:
  11. Youre Funny Prada!:yes:
  12. are you sure he wasn't trying to be funny cause he has a fantastic sense of humor.

  13. OUCH! I used to have a huge crush on him in high school.:sad:
  14. :shame: oops !
  15. Ditto. hey, let's not push it here . The guy is alive and well...and fertile :graucho: .