Rod Stewart Marries Penny Lancaster in Italy

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    SATURDAY JUNE 16, 2007 07:55 AM EDT
    By Silvia Sansoni and Simon Perry

    Singer Rod Stewart has wed for the third time, PEOPLE has confirmed.

    The 62-year-old rocker said "I do" early Saturday with model Penny Lancaster, 36, his girlfriend of about seven years, in a small town just outside the Italian Riviera resort of Portofino.

    The ceremony took place at the 17th century Villa Durazzo in the town of Santa Margherita. Mariagrazia Benazzi, the town hall official who celebrated the wedding in lieu of the mayor, says the only people present were the bride, the groom and two witnesses.

    Stewart is said to have given his bride a "huge white diamond ring," Benazzi says.

    After the ceremony, which lasted about half an hour, the rocker went out into the villa's landscaped gardens to pose for privately hired photographers with his wife.

    The newlyweds and the two witnesses were then whisked away by private minivans to a motorboat docked in the port of Santa Margherita, which took them back to their yacht (decorated with red balloons).

    The couple's post-wedding party included drinks and an outdoor dinner at the monastery La Cervara. Stewart, wearing a light-blue linen suit, and Lancaster, in a shimmering white cocktail dress, were greeted by bagpipe players in kilts.

    This is Stewart's third marriage – he and model Rachel Hunter were divorced in January. He and Lancaster have one child – Alastair – who was born November 28, 2005. Stewart has five other children from his previous relationships.

    Some of the kids, including daughter Kimberley, joined the couple earlier in the week vacationing along the Mediterranean coasts of Italy and France. They were spotted off the coast Villefranche on the French Riviera on Wednesday before their yacht docked off the coast of Portofino.

    The day before their nuptials the couple lunched aboard their yacht and they were spotted walking hand-in-hand through a market in nearby Rapallo, where Lancaster bought costume jewelry.

    They also took time out to celebrate the 20th birthday of Stewart's daughter Ruby and "Happy Birthday" streamers could be seen hanging up on the decks of the yacht Lady Ann Magee.

  2. I thought they were married already......and he looks really old and lumpy in that picture.....he totally looks like a grandpa next to her, LOL!!!!
  3. I thought they were married too, lol. He looks very old next to her. Congrats to them.
  4. Wish them all the best!
  5. Congratulations to the both of them. I wish them all the best.
  6. It's a surprise for me: I thought they were married for ages! I mean they were always together on all occasions. Anyway, wish them all the best.
  7. It's sweet!
  8. Wish them the best, he does look very old and lumpy!
  9. Hmm, I hope this one lasts for him, he calls her "the one" maybe this time he knows. I wish them all the best as they have a little boy.
  10. They seem to have have 2 ceremonies.

    They had a civil ceremony and a Church Blessing.

    These are the photos of the Church Blessing and in my opinion out of all the Footballer's weddings and the Celebrity Weddings so far this year - Penny looks the best.

    She looks very very happy and I think her dress is one of the most simple but effective ones and it goes to show that you can keep these things secret if you want to and you don't have to have everything over the top!

    Apparently Rod told Penny that he wanted her to have the wedding of her dreams. He said "I'll take care of the band and the booze, but all the rest is in your hands."

    When asked about keeping their wedding private (apart from exclusively to Hello Magazine!) Penny said "To me, you get married once and that's it. It's forever and a girl's biggest dream of a lifetime, so I just wanted our wedding to be very personal, private and as uncontrived as possible. We had 106 guests in all, and it was as intimate as could be".

    They asked for no wedding gifts but that if friends did want to make a gesture, instead of a gift, they donate to one of Rod and Penny's chosen charities.
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  11. I bet they all were the one. He just keeps replacing them. I hope its for real this time.
  12. Well, he's always gone younger and blonder - there won't be any younger ones out there soon!
  13. Congrats to them! Wow, he definitely has a type, eh?