Rockstuds as wedding shoes. Opinions?

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  1. My fiancé is going to Vegas this weekend and I've so kindly asked him to get me a pair of nude rockstuds for my birthday (which is this Tuesday). I'm trying to justify the cost of the shoes and I've come up with the idea that I could use it as my wedding shoes. What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Appreciate all opinions. :smile:
  2. I personally love the idea! I say go for it 😊
  3. Why not? Do they go with your dress?
  4. Yes! A nude pair would be fantastic wedding shoes :smile!:
  5. Love it!!!! You should definitely do it!!If you google "rockstud wedding shoes", you will find a few real brides who have worn nude rockstuds at their wedding.
  6. I don't think it's crazy at all. My good friend is getting married in Montana in an outdoors wedding, and she's going to get the Rockstud Flats for her wedding shoes.
  7. Thank you all for the replies! It seems like the nude/blush is sold out everywhere. What do you guys think of the ivory colour? I've seen the white patent with nude straps, but the one I had in mind is ivory (not patented) with ivory straps, see below from David's Footwear (in Toronto). I couldn't find this on the Valentino website. Is this colour combo new this season?
  8. I love the idea! Would bring a great 'edge' to any wedding dress! In terms of colours - look at whether they would match or compliment your dress and let that guide you!
  9. Go for it!! Love the idea of using the nude as a wedding shoe! Please show us pics when your special day comes!
  10. Yes, go for it!
  11. I think a pair of ruckstuds would look really great as wedding shoes! I actually like the idea of more of a unusual color too like the patent red, or neon green, just peeking out of the bottom of the dress would be really beautiful!
  12. Go with a color that you would wear again and again. If you go too ivory it will always scream bridal imo. How often do you wear ivory shoes on everyday basis?
  13. Definitely go for it! I found this photo online :P. Hopefully it will help making your decision easier.

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  14. definitely yes! so cool
  15. I think it would be unique, beautiful and edgy all at the same time. Congratulations on your wedding!