Rockstud Patent fit?

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  1. Hi All,
    was after some advice in terms of sizing in the 10mm heel rockstuds...

    my preference is patent but i haven't been able to try any on, just the normal grain leather, and my size seemed to be 38, (im usually a 37.5 and have found i needed to size up in rockstuds). My problem is the straps, i have a quite a high arch and am wondering if they eventually give a little? they seemed to dig in a bit, but when i tried on a 38.5 in grain the ankle strap didnt sit right :sad:

    i dont know what to doooooooo, any opinions? do you ladies (and/or gents) get the same size in patent and grain?

    many thanks :smile:
  2. They fit TTS for me... I'm a perfect 7.5 and 37.5 fits like a glove. I have normal width feet by the way. I have both leather and patent and they both have the same material leather straps which do stretch out after a couple of wears.
  3. oh no :sad: i posted this in the wrong section, so sorry! (would've been better in the shoe one!)
  4. I imagine as the straps are soft leather they should give a little with use
  5. Overall, they are the same size for me, matte or patent, with the exception of one patent pair (grey patent kitten heel) that did run slightly smaller. The straps might give a bit after continued use.