Rockstud Flap Clutch.. Price Question :).

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  1. I'm new to Valentino - I love the look of the bags, but have always found them a bit pricey or not appropriate for my lifestyle.

    I was wandering through a store today and came across a Rockstud flap clutch on markdown to $751. To me, that seems like a pretty amazing price. I've never even seen a used clutch go for that amount. It is in perfect condition besides a few faint surface scratches which I'm sure will occur with use anyhow.

    I absolutely love the color/style and really want to pick it up - but I was just wondering your thoughts. Is that price insanely good, or have I just not come across a good enough sale yet? :smile:

    Also - how often do you use yours? Do you like it? Worth it in general? Thanks guys!
  2. That is a great price! What color and size is it? I just paid $1550 for a new one on Farfetch (large flap in poudre).
  3. It's a coral color with a taupe interior and I believe it's the larger size. I know it might be odd, but for me coral is totally a neutral :smile:.
  4. I'm about to buy the taupe rockstud flap clutch for $1695 from Saks so that's a great price. Can someone please tell me the difference between poudre, taupe and skin sorbet. They all look nude to me. Trying to find the closest match to the rockstud pvc sandal

  5. To me, poudre is more of a flesh tone with pink undertones. It matches my skin perfectly. Taupe is darker, more mauve in it and skin sorbet has more yellow undertones in my opinion. I have poudre rock studs and bought a poudre clutch. It isn't a 100% match but as close as you can get

  6. Thanks for the explanation. I was so confused.