Rockstud caged pump: black patent or black leather?

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  1. I can’t decide between the two tone black patent leather or the black leather. I’m leaning towards the black leather the only issue I’m having is it’s a final sale so if I don’t like it I’m stuck with it. Do I chance it or just go for the patent leather that everyone has and loves?
  2. I personally love the black leather. For me, the patent leather isn’t as comfortable since it doesn’t stretch any. Have you tried either pair on at some point, that might help your decision
  3. @marwaaa I purchased the suede in the light pink and they were so buttery soft when I put them on. Then I had buyers remorse and returned them. I don’t love the look of patent leather and I know from experience it’s not going to be as soft as the suede ones I originally purchased. So I guess I just answered my own question . They’re on sale at RueLaLa for $799. After reading through another thread I know they can get cheaper. Do I wait?