Rock'n'roll generation gap

  1. I was sitting here checking the local classic rock radio station's website to see if they had any tour date info for Van Halen:rochard: and my 20-something colleague started MOCKING me and LAUGHING at me for wanting to see them!! She goes, "I didn't think you were serious!" I said Hell yeah I am, it's gonna be the original line-up (i.e. David Lee Roth in front!!), the real Van Halen, not the pansy-ass Sammy Hagar Van Halen. Se said she didn't even know there was a Van Halen before Sammy Hagar!:shocked: Then me and this other coworker who is also *ahem* mature started talking about seeing the Stones within the last couple of years and she started making fun of them for being old and of us for actually spending the $$ for tickets, and voicing her incredulity that they were still touring at all and I said Hell yeah they're still touring and furthermore they sell out every show unlike what was their name again? exactly!...

    I've actually met "young folks" who have never heard of the Beatles! I mean, never even heard of them!! Whereas even if I laughed at them I at least knew who were the "ho"t acts back in my parents' day--Elvis, Pat Boone, Sinatra, the Platters, etc.--in fact I love that old music.

    So what is the deal? Is the current generation just not interested in anything that happened before they were born, as it sometimes seems to me? Do you older ladies (and gents) ever listen to Top 40 and thing "there's nothing new under the sun"? Or is it just me being an old fogey? (I hope so---I can't wait to be a know-it-all old fogey!)
  2. well i'm 23 and i love classic rock :rochard:

    even if i am listening to ella fitzgerald right now..
  3. actually. A LOT of kids in my school love the beatles, the rolling stones, led zeppelin, jimi hendricks....and yeah. and in my middle school too.
    i thought it was really cool if you liked those things...(but not like them because they were cool, because you liked them!)
    but maybe thats because my school is awesome! :p
  4. I guess it just depends on what you're in to. Some people aren't in to politics and might have no idea who Mit Romney is. I'm not into Lost or Survivor, so if you started rattling off who the stars were, I'd have a blank look on my face. Perhaps these kids just aren't all that into music. Cause let's be honest, if you're in to music, you take the time to research roots and history.
  5. A friend's daughter didn't know Paul McCartney was in any band before Wings. I confess tho, that I don't know a lot of the current groups--tend to listen to the "oldies".