Rocking changes within the fashion industry.

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  1. #1 Apr 2, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
    Hi all! Recently a lot of designers have been leaving their positions. From Frida Giannini's abrupt and cold departure at Gucci to the most recent being Hedi Slimane peaceful parting from YSL today. I just wanted to open up a discussion on how all of you are feeling about this (since this is the PurseForum and we are all fashion fanatics in a way).

    Below I'm gonna list all of the designers that have left their positions for reference.

    -John Galliano-Dior 1997-2011

    -Nicolas Ghesquiere-Balenciaga 1997-2012

    -Stefano Pilati-Yves Saint Laurent 2004-2012

    -Marc Jacobs-Louis Vuitton 1997-2014

    -Frida Gianni-Gucci 2005-2014

    -Alber Elbaz-Lanvin 2001-2015

    -Raf Simons-Dior 2012-2015

    -Alexander Wang-Balenciaga 2012-2015

    -Christophe Lemaire-Hermes 2010-2015

    -Stefano Pilati-Ermenegildo Zegna 2012-2016

    -Massimiliano Giornetti-Salvatore Ferragamo 2010-2016

    -Hedi Slimane-Saint Laurent 2012-2016

    Most of the change has been occurring since 2011 when Galliano was fired from Dior. Now there is this whole trend of the fashion show and production schedule changing as well. Just wanted to open this discussion to everyone on TPF to see how they feel about the changes. I wish things were back to where they used to be. Some people do say change is a good thing but this is too much change going on in a very small amount of time.
  2. I'm not too surprised. With the involvement of shareholders and boards, it seems inevitable that the fashion industry will be in flux the same way so many other industries are. They constantly want to increase profits, whether it be by newness, declining quality, increased prices, or increased push for consumerism.

    The revolving door of designers is a push for newness, which will lead to more publicity and new consumers. Honestly, this is something I've noticed for awhile, it just seems more publicized as of late as the designers seem to have had much heralded success, then leave a few seasons later.
  3. I really wish Stefano Pilati would return back to Saint Laurent.