Rocking a tailored Prada dress and Christian Louboutin slingbacks...

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    Renee Zellweger showed off her bodacious bod (see photo #4 below) as she arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theater today in New York City for a taping of the 'Late Show with David Letterman.'
  2. She looks gorgeous.
  3. Wow - this is the best she looked!
  4. My gosh.. How I :heart: those shoes... :drool: (O yea, she looks hot too, btw :smile: )
  5. I watched the interview last night and she looked fabulous!!
  6. She's a cutie.
  7. She's not my favorite person in the world, but I must say that she is looking smokin' hot!
  8. wow, she does look good....looks like she had some work done...but what?? maybe fat injections???

    I also like the fact hat she is not crossing her legs like she usually does for every pose. Not a fan either but she does look so great here!
  9. Absolutely gorgeous from head to toe. This is the best she's looked in quite a bit. Glad for her. She is the best!!!
  10. I watched Letterman last night and saw her! I love that dress! It shows off her great figure and tiny waist!
  11. She looks stunning here!!!!
  12. ITA!

    I am shocked to see Renee look this great. :wtf:
  13. She looks gorgeous! Great dress & shoes!
  14. She looks fabulous!!
  15. I love the way she looks. Gorgeous shoes and dress.