Rockin the Croc in San Francisco

  1. One would think that seeing an old Croc bag walking the streets of San Francisco would not be a big deal. I cities you tend to see almost everything anyway. So, I have to think that it WASN'T the Croc that got the was the old bag WITH it. :angel: That's what I'd like to believe. In reality, I think the Croc was just too much eye-candy for the ladies who lunch in Union Square to resist. Thank God I wore some decent duds and left my Birkinstocks at home.

    My mission was to enter Hermes and find a tote bag small enough to use as a carry-on yet large enough to hold all my stuff on a long flight. It was NOT to tarry nor look at anything else. It was not a window-shopping or browsing excursion. I was determined to go just for the tote alone. This was, however, not to be.

    A pair of Rouge H driving gloves and a Rouge Garance Ulysses later I walked out of the store a happy girl with my orange shopping H-Our watch with Barenia strap and a Riding Crop for a certain someone on Hold.

    Did I have some fun? Yep! Did I find a tote? Nope! Will I buy an Hermes tote? Nope! Why? Because although I am a slave to Hermes for just about everything I'd rather have the H-Our watch with Barenia strap that I can wear for the rest of my life for the same amount of money as the Acapulco and buy a nylon tote bag I can trash and not feel bad about somewhere else! :shrugs:

    Pics coming....
  2. I love when you go shopping! You always have the best stories and of course, always come home with something fabulous! PICS PICS PICS!
  3. How exciting! I think the H-Our watch with the Barenia watch strap sounds soooo gorgeous, I can't wait to see it!
  4. lol,.. your funny! Can't wait to see the pics!
  5. Lol, I love how you told the story! Oooh, what a awesome day you had at Hermes! And I'm with you on the tote;)
  6. Yay!!!! :yahoo: Congrats and I can't wait to see pics!!!! :yahoo:
  7. WOW! This is so exciting! What a great story shopmom, I cannot wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!:love: How fabulous, what a great day!!!:heart:
  8. how fun, shopmom! share pics of the loot, ASAP!
  9. Ah, shopmom, you are my hero. In for a tote bag, out with a watch ... and gloves ... and a diary.... :smile: You are awesome!
  10. Great buys, Shopmom! :yahoo: Pics! Pics! Pics! :yes:
  11. No's on Hold because I need to think if I want the H-Our or the H-Our Rondele. I was too overwhelmed by the Riding Crop to concentrate for more than 2-seconds on the watch!!!!

    Love :love: these gloves though....they hit just to the top of the wrist and they are un-lined. The Ulysses is lovely and since I keep a journal when I travel it's perfect because you can take the insert out when you're done and just buy another! Love it! The red color is very light in these pics because I had to use the flash. In reality the gloves are Rouge H in lambskin and the Ulysses is Rouge Garance in Togo....much deeper reds IRL.

    I guess you could say I had a RED day......
    crocsf2.jpg gloveboxes.jpg gloves.jpg Ulysses1.jpg Ulysses2.jpg
  12. Love all the red~! You look fab D!!!
  13. You look fab with your croc Kelly!!! Rockin the croc indeed! Oh and those gloves look butter soft. I bet they feel just heavenly on.

    Shopmom, could you pls tell me what dimensions that ulysses is? And does it come with the insert or you have to buy it separately? I think I might need one of those..:graucho:
  14. You totally rock with your croc kelly, Shopmom! :yes: :heart:

    Thundering Jesus!!!
  15. Sue......the Ulysses I bought is 5" x 6-1/2" and the inserts are sold separately because you can choose which kind you want. They run from $30.00 and up depending.