Rockin my LH today...

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  1. Today I decided to take out my LH and rock it. My LH got quite a few glances at Starbucks this morning...loving this shoulder bag..which bag are you rockin right now!!!!!
  2. My new damier azur 25 :yahoo: But it's raining, so it's not allowed to leave the car just yet :s
  3. I am using my Manhattan GM today!:wlae:
  4. Using damier speedy 30 today. Azur may get used tomorrow.:yes:
  5. The LH is beautiful-- you are a lucky gal, LVpug! It is still on my wishlist...
  6. I am going to use my Monogram Mat Black Stockton!!! WOOHOO!
  7. LVPUG have you posted pictures yet?
  8. My LH is in a group pic in the collections section...cannot take a pic right work!!!
  9. You must get one it is a great bag!!!
  10. Oh darn, I will try to find it in the group pic!
  11. Everyone has a great LV on today...rock it gf's....WOOO HOOOO!
  12. I'm also rockin my azur speedy today :smile:
  13. Got my 25 mono speedy ..I'm obsessed with the speedy style

  14. sorry, i cant think of what an LH is :confused1: ... what does it stand for?
  15. Lockit Horizontal:yahoo:
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