Rockie Shoulder/Crossbody Straps

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  1. Recently, I purchased a Rockie bag. Prior to the arrival of my forever "pre-loved" iridescent Rockie, I purchased and returned both a Rocco and mini Rockie. Because I have long been in love with the Rocco since its inception, but hesitated due to weight, understandably I wanted to make sure I got it right. The Rocco I returned due to weight and mini because I felt it was too small and shape a bit odd. Nonetheless, I finally settled on the Rockie as the perfect in between. During my discovery phase, I noticed that while the mini strap is marketed as a "crossbody satchel," unfortunately the straps were too short for me (5'-6") and obviously not a one size fits all. I also noticed that the straps on the Rockie were pretty much the same length as the mini. Well, since AW, like many designers, seems to fall short in the crossbody strap department, I have discovered an easy fix for you gals who need just a smidgeon more length. Yesterday, I purchased a MK key fob from Macys. While trying to figure out where on my bag the key fob looked best, I got this great idea to use it as a strap extender. To my delight it not only added about 2 more inches to the length, but the bag now sits perfectly on my hip, where I personally like my crossbody to hit. I just thought I would pay it forward a bit for anyone frustrated with the lack of length on these straps:biggrin:
  2. Great idea and thanks for sharing! I have loved the rockie but due to the weight and short strap ruled it out as a bag for me. I am considering the mini rockie and at 5"7" think even on the longest setting it's barely long enough.
  3. The mini Rockie was really cute and I actually used a custom made strap, which made it even more unique. The problem I had with it was more that it was difficult to get in and out of. It also sat funny on my hip. I do not notice the weight of the Rockie so much wearing it as a crossbody and love that it is so roomy, as well as easy to get in and out of. You can also consider having a custom strap made. I am actually waiting on one for this bag, which is black tapestry design with black hardware. It will be wider and more comfortable than the lambskin strap. I have a woman who makes beautiful tapestry ones for me on Etsy. Good luck.
  4. Oh great idea! I have a couple of straps that are just a tad too short and this would be perfect. Off to look for some cute key fobs now :P
  5. What a great solution, thanks for sharing!
  6. I am waiting on the custom made strap I had made, which I am hoping works in conjunction with the iridescent. That is always an option.
  7. Such a great idea!!! I'm gonna try it with my Rockie, just have to find a suitable keychain
  8. I was actually looking into this because I'm about to purchase a rockie that I haven't tried in person and was worried about the strap being too short. I am 5'5, would the rockie's original strap be too short to use as a crossbody?