Rockie return or not

Good Friday

Apr 18, 2014
Hi Ladies,

I would like to get your inputs as to whether to keep a bag I got of off Bergdorf on sale. My mom received it with dark stains. Not sure if it can be removed, will check if baby wipes work. I am saddened as I really want a rockie. This is in truffle.
image-0-02-01-8a9b474489f1dbad7608caff004a198810747ec446507e5e732aacca64abeaf1-V.jpg image-0-02-01-47efe7387d83f850aed1634173fa87851e0bf0479cb63931ace563dd7d6ceac2-V.jpg image-0-02-01-98eff3659f3005a7a0d95e5a7dbba84f6956906133798b25296f28de0641f24d-V.jpg image-0-02-01-346e66354327de177e96a50bb4999940cd02fae240e9a27ca81061a768c044c2-V.jpg
Thank you.