rockerchic's paddy monsoon!

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  1. Sorry for the delay in revealing the paddy family...
    Here they are! Mousse zippy, and noir and blue jeans moyen satchels join Ivory sister!
    paddy 001_1.jpg paddy 002_1.jpg paddy 003_1.jpg
  2. :heart: wow what a beautiful collection
  3. omg I love the colors you got!!!!!! GREAT TASTE!!! good choices
  4. Love all of them...especially the Ivory!! :love: Is it hard to keep clean?
  5. ^^Thanks gals!
    Deb, the ivory is not hard to keep clean at all...the paddy leather is so hardy and wears well! I do always make sure that it is pristine before I put her back in the dustbag though...I also condition her now and then with the lovinmybags products. I got that tip from the bbag forum and the products are wonderful!
  6. Oh also, the correct color name for ivory is blanc! sorry for any confusion!
  7. I love them all! The light blue one is just to die for, I have never seen that color in person. You have a great collection of Paddys.
  8. Wow, Rockerchic! I love your Mousse East/West Paddy!!! Is that the large one? I'm thinking of getting one but not sure I'd have use for the bottom compartment. What do you think of this bag?
  9. I love all of your paddies... which one is your favorite?
  10. Aboslutely amazing! Your paddies are gorgeous!
  11. Gorgeous family portrait!!!!:yes: :yahoo:
  12. ^^Thanks so much gals--
    Eucalyptic, this is the smaller east west bowler and is only slightly bigger than the regular paddy satchel. I actually love this shape more than any other paddy shape. Even if you don't use the bottom, it looks really cool!
    Cutie Kiara, my fav shape is the zippy but my favorite color is the noir...I love the blueish, grayish, blackish color!
    I'm curious about which one all of you like the tell!
    Hugs to you all and have a safe and happy New Year!
  13. I love the color collection Rockerchic!!!
  14. I love your collection, Rockerchic. Blanc Paddy is my favorite. =)
  15. Thanks so much! BTW, Taupe zippy now on the way!! OMGosh, I need to stop this!!!