Rockerchic's edited Chanel collection...

  1. I've missed my Chanel girls! Hopefully you haven't forgotten me. :smile: I know many of you are die hard Chanel fans, as I am I, but I decided to expand my horizons just a tiny bit and have entered into Hermes and dabbled back into LV.
    So after careful consideration, I've streamlined my Chanel collection and have ended up with the large patent lux tote (I'm a sucker for patent), black and white baby cabas (white is in the dustbag), medium vinyl rock (I think you either love or hate this bag...I obviously love...I really resisted for many many weeks but was just magically drawn to it every time I entered the boutique), the cambon bucket (seriously the most funcitonal bag I have and I love the happy pink lining), my two reissues and the patent starstitch bag.
    Rounding out the collection are my two suhali le fabs (remember the many times I asked you about advice on this?) and my new addiction, Hermes.
    Lastly, my lone balenciaga bag.

    I also am very close to finishing my closet renovation. If you do have a minute please take a look at the thread in my signature on the bottom.

    No matter how I try though, as you'll see, I can't seem to stray too far from Black! I think my next bag is going to be a bright white e/w bag in the spring. I seriously miss my gray vintage ligne n/s tote. Letting that one go was definitely a mistake.

    IMG_3216_1.JPG IMG_3224_1.JPG IMG_3222_1.JPG
  2. I wish my closet looked like that! Fantastic!
  3. Oh, wow!!!! Your collection is wonderful! Love all your Hermes bags! ;)
  4. Woww.........
  5. Stacy - FABULOUS closet! Me likey how the renovations are going! Love all your stuff! If I ever dabble into Hermes your collection reflects basically 50% of my dream - loove the Birkins in Gold and Black with the Gold hardware!

    Thanks for sharing! Definitely eye candy galore! mmmm MMMM!
  6. Love your your closet!
  7. :drool: wow haha i wish my closet look like that too
  8. OMG!! I love your closet and of course the bags that comes with it! Definetly an inspiration for my future closet! :p
  9. You have excellent taste Stacy! Thanks for sharing with us!
  10. OMG! i want ur closet and what's in it! LOL
  11. Kellbell, Likeafeather, vicky, jade (hi girl!), Becky, chris, bella, seahorse, and Mimi, thanks so much! I need ideas from all of you on what's missing from the collection...obviously color but what is missing for the color averse!
  12. Ooh, I think red. I love red bags!
  13. You have some great bags! I like your closet too, do you keep the doors off the sections where you keep your bags? I am going to be turning a spare bedroom into a closet, can I ask what closet company you worked with?

    Also, I see you didn't go to ceilings height, do you regret that? I am having a tough time deciding if I need to go to the ceiling or not.
  14. Stacy dear i can't decide if i love more your new closet or your collection...they are both stunning!!:nuts: Great job lady!:okay::p
  15. Just one thing more...could you find a happier location for your one and only Bal??She seems to feel so lonely alone in that corner... :sad: :lol: