Rockerchic's Chanel collection--finally pix


Jun 9, 2006
Hi all,
I have been wanting to post an updated shot of my babies but the collection was always in flux--one was departing, another one was coming--and I kept thinking, as soon as I get the next one, I'll post. Well I have come to realize that the collection will continually be in flux:P so just decided to post as it stands right now! Thanks for letting me share!
First picture is the whole lot with black modern chain, black patent, and gray mama coco cabas on top, black and beige cambon multipocket reports next,
bronze baby cabas and black vintage ligne next, and finally the 2005 reissue 277 collection (black/goldhw, gray and white).

Happy New Year all! PS...another on the way so I will post when she gets here!;)


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