Rockerchic's Bag Collection...Step into my closet!

  1. Inspiring!
  2. wow *envy*
  3. Your collection is gorgeous and closet beautiful! Thank you for sharing :hbeat:

    I am kicking myself for not making doors on my shelves in my walk-in closet. The doors really make a huge difference in keeping things safe!
  4. Love ur closet! How do u handle all the shoes? all the dirt they bring in..I found it difficult to store them in a decent way...
  5. Omg, I love how parts of your closet actually resemble your 'Rockerchic' username! Like the spiked cuffs and belts as well as all the lovely leather boots! I would LOVE to play in your closet! :biggrin:
  6. Beautiful
  7. Nice closet you have there and of course the bags!!!:smile:
  8. Amazing!
  9. my dream bag collection and closet!!!
  10. Beautiful collection. Your closet looks amazing!
  11. U really rock girl!!!
  12. So amazing. Thanks for sharing!
  13. you are so lucky to have such a fab closet.
  14. Unbelivable! You are my hero now. I totally love it! :loveeyes:
  15. I want to live in your closet!