Rockerchic's Bag Collection...Step into my closet!

  1. So I finally got around to taking pix of my bags!
    My collection includes Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and BV...mostly the first three brands.
    So here goes!
    First up are the Hermes...
    I have 4 35 Birkins, black chevre phw, black box ghw, marron fonce ghw and natural barenia with brushed palladium...
    IMG_5443_1.JPG IMG_5445_1.JPG IMG_5439_1.JPG IMG_5440_1.JPG
  2. Continuing with H: 2 28 Kellys, black box ghw and raisin chevre phw; 2 30 lindys, blue brighton clemence ghw and ardoise swift phw; and one 27 chevre fuschia bolide
    IMG_5451_1.JPG IMG_5452_1.JPG IMG_5453_1.JPG IMG_5454_1.JPG IMG_5457_1.JPG
  3. And here is a group shot!
  4. gorgeous bags - now we need to see the rest of your collections!!
  5. Now for the Chanels...
    I have two 227 reissues from 2005, black matte and gray, small black crackle patent bag, black/black patent cambon tote and black baby cabas. I also have the vinyl rock bag but am carrying today so not shown.
    IMG_5467_1.JPG IMG_5468_1.JPG IMG_5469_1.JPG IMG_5470_1.JPG IMG_5472_1.JPG
  6. ...And here's the rest:
    Balenciaga-- two flat cluches, black with gsh and blue with gsh; two envelope clutches, black with ggh and (oh I forget the exact pink name) with gsh, and a violet 07 with regular hw.
    IMG_5465_1.JPG IMG_5466_1.JPG
  7. ...and the gucci tattoo tote, BV messenger bag and LV damier speedy 30!:yahoo:
    IMG_5463_1.JPG IMG_5464_1.JPG IMG_5471_1.JPG
  8. FAB collection Stace!!!
  9. And here's a little tour of the closet:
    Entry holds the jewelery are, scarf area, drawers for unmentionables, workout gear and sleep wear, belt hanger and inspiration board...
    IMG_5481_1.JPG IMG_5480_1.JPG IMG_5479_1.JPG IMG_5460_1.JPG IMG_5462_1.JPG
  10. Inside, we have the bag closets, lots of jeans:p, pants and dresses on one wall...
    IMG_5473_1.JPG IMG_5474_1.JPG
  11. Back wall has jackets, skirts and shirts with a cedar closet in the middle with sweaters and shawls....
    IMG_5475_1.JPG IMG_5477_1.JPG
  12. And the other wall is the wall o' shoes!:yahoo:
  13. Thanks so much Hermeschic and Swanky (kisses)!!

    And thanks all for visiting.
  14. Oh my god, what an amazing walk-in!!! Gorgeous bags, shoes and accessories. But your inspiration board is the best part :tup:
  15. wonderful collection, what a fab closet!

    ...and your DD is beautiful!:flowers: