Rockerchic spills!!!

  1. But first the foreplay!!
    You all know that Rose and I met at the sample sale...but true to our divaness, we didn't see anything that we wanted on sale so headed straight to Hermes.

    First we looked at cadenas. There is a superstition in my family that elephants are lucky so I wanted the gold elephant cadena to put on my black birkin 35...

    Now certainly elephants are big....but that can't be what the fuss is all about! But this elephant brought Rocker the best of luck....
    hermes 002_1.jpg
  2. Please don't torture us Stacy!
  3. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    YAY!!! Spill, baby!!! :nuts:
  4. I'm still up, I'm still up! Quickly now with the pics or I'll really look scary in the morning!

    ETA: Forgot to congratulate you on the elephant cadena!:yahoo: How rude of me. Sorry, girl!
  5. :popcorn:
  6. ^^^This is going to be a GREAT MORNING!! Can't wait to see whatcha got:yahoo:
  7. So next we mosied (?sp) over to the look at pochettes and Rose got a lovely one. The one I had my eye out wasn't there.
    As soon as I saw the thread on the Toyko scarf, I new I had to have it. We asked if they had one and there was just one in the store. Mine!!:yahoo:

    But that isn't really losing one's virginity, now is it???:shrugs:

    So then we went to look at accessories. I fell in love with a violet chevre wallet and Rose also looked at a few things...but nothing for us....

    Then Rose innocently said, "Stacy, are you interested in anything?"

    And I said:graucho:
    hermes 003_1.jpg
  8. Come on Stacy - spill the beans!!!
  9. It's nearly 1.40am here in Aus, lol! You should see my blood-shot eyes.:roflmfao:
  10. keep it coming.............................
  11. OMG!!! SO FAR SO GOOD!!! AND there is MORE!!! I can't wait!!!:nuts:
  12. So I said, "Well, I'd love to have another Birkin." Yes, I was so bold as to say I wanted a Birkin!!! But I said it very sweetly and looked with my big brown eyes in a forelorn little way.
    And SA said, "what color?):wtf: So I said, "I'd just love to have something colorful. The only one that I have is black..." (poor me)

    SA: "Well, we have something in the back that someone special ordered and didn't want. " :wtf: :wtf:

    Rose asked if it was still shrinkwrapped (she is crazy like that) and he said it was. Then he intimately leaned forward and whispered to us, "Meet me downstairs...."

  13. :nuts::nuts::nuts: Ooh ooohh!!! This is great! I'm wide awake now!!!
  14. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.......................:wtf:
  15. :shocked: PLEASE!!! GO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: